Fuel, The Fastest Modular Execution Layer | John Adler

In this week's episode of 0xResearch, John Adler joins us to discuss how Fuel is building the premier execution layer for the modular future. We start with the key differences between rollups and modular execution and why state growth (not call data) is what rollups should optimize. We then explore Fuel's unique UTXO model, the Sway programming language and Fuel's tradeoffs. Warning: this discussion gets technical, but this episode is loaded with insights you won't want to miss!

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(00:00) Introduction

(01:05) Hot Seat/Cool Throne

(15:54) Cosmos Ecosystem Voting by Flipside

(19:15) "Chainalysis Ad"

(20:10) Interview Start: John Adler

(20:27) Rollups vs Modular Execution

(25:58) Solving State Growth

(34:01) "Chainalysis Ad"

(34:42) UTXO Model & Parallel Execution

(46:40) Fuel’s Tradeoffs

(50:51) Sway vs Solidity

(1:08:31) Ethereum’s Role in the Modular Future

(1:10:07) Fuel’s Value Capture

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