Fat Apps: Aggregation Theory in Crypto Networks | Zaki Manian, Sam Hart

Season 3 | Episode 2

In this episode of Bell Curve, Zaki Manian and Sam Hart join us to discuss how Aggregation Theory applies to crypto protocols. We explore if applications can covert user relationships into sticky profits, crypto moats, blockspace as a commodity, the benefits of controlling the full tech stack and more!

PS: don't miss the "Smiling Curve" section of the episode - it's an under-discussed idea that will start appearing in crypto value-capture debates!

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(00:00) Intro: Pre-Interview

(02:29) The AppChain Thesis 

(09:31) Aggregation Theory

(25:31) Do Moats Exist?

(31:34) Is Blockspace a Commodity?

(38:25) The Smiling Curve

(47:04) Will dYdX Validate the AppChain Thesis?

(52:28) Controlling the Entire Stack

(1:01:22) Recap: Post-Interview

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Ben Thompson's Aggregation Theory


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