A Fresh Take on Shared Security | S8 E7 | Misha Putiatin

In this episode, Misha, CEO and Co-founder of Symbiotic, delves into the history and evolution of shared security. He discusses shared security’s various implementations over the years, and highlights Symbiotic's vision for the future. The conversation also touches on Symbiotic’s protocol design choices, offering a fresh perspective on shared security's potential to streamline and secure emerging networks.

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Namada is the shielded asset hub rewarding you to protect the multichain. Enabling data protection for any existing asset, app, or chain, Namada introduces shielded cross-chain actions and rewards for shielding your assets, which strengthens data protection guarantees for everyone.

Namada is currently in its mainnet launch phase — follow along on namada.net


Kinto is the Safety-first L2 designed to accelerate the transition to an on-chain financial system.

If you believe in this on-chain financial system, join Kinto's launch program (Engen) and become a founding member at engen.kinto.xyz


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(0:00) Introduction

(2:39) The History of Shared Security

(6:27) Polkadot's Impact

(12:18) Symbiotic's Vision for Shared Security

(26:09) Namada Ad

(27:08) Kinto Ad

(28:02) Symbiotic's Protocol Design

(56:13) Securing Cross-chain Transfers with Ethena

(1:05:55) Symbiotic's Impact on Ethereum's Future


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