Operation Choke Point: Is Kraken the first domino? | Roundup

This episode of Bell Curve explores the implications of the SEC shutting down Kraken's US staking operations. Is the SEC coming for Coinbase next? What will be the next domino to fall? How will this impact DeFi? We discuss it all here.

We also cover Genesis' bankruptcy agreement, Uniswap's governance drama, the rise of super apps, Google's $100B mistake and more!

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(00:00) Introduction

(01:17) Operation Choke Point: Kraken's Staking Service Shutters

(26:01) Genesis Reaches Agreement With DCG and Key Creditors

(31:55) Uniswap Governance Whale Games

(46:02) Stargate ReIssues Their Token Supply

(52:57) Super Apps and What’s Never Coming Back

(1:08:34) Infinity Pools, Google’s $100B Mistake and AI Value Accrual

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Brian Armstrong's tweet on potential staking ban


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