TradFi Embracing Crypto, Private Equity Froth, and Macro Headwinds | Roundup

In this week's roundup Mike is joined by Michael and Vance of Framework Ventures. The trio kick things off by discussing macro sentiment and if a "soft landing" is truly on the horizon. The conversation then explores signs of excess in private market deals. The team also analyze the BTC ETF flows data so far, evaluating the implications of over $11 billion in trading volume. They then shift onto how overturning the Chevron doctrine could reshape the SEC's interpretation powers and authority. They wrap with a discussion on liquid staking - analyzing the incentives for validators and the potential addressable market if solutions gain more traction in Ethereum and alternative layer ones.

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(0:00) Introduction

(2:32) Macro Sentiments

(8:28) Private Market Froth

(22:27) Bitcoin ETF Inflows

(29:26) Wormhole Ad

(30:02) TradFi Crypto Adoption Implications

(35:50) Chevron Doctrine Impact on Crypto

(49:26) Ethereum Foundation Reddit AMAs

(59:50) Restaking Debate

(1:09:57) Liquid Staking Adoption on Celestia

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