ep. 10


On-Chain Derivatives & Liquidity | Tristan Frizza, Uddhav Marwaha

Season 1 | Episode 5

In this episode of Bell Curve, Jason and Mike are joined by Tristan Frizza (Zeta Markets) and Uddhav Marwaha (Friktion) to discuss the world of on-chain derivatives and liquidity. TradFi's derivatives market is magnitudes larger than spot, but on-chain derivatives are just getting started in crypto.

Why does crypto need derivatives like options and perpetuals? What type of users will use these products? And why is it so challenging to build these products on-chain? Tune in to learn these answers and more!

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(00:00) Introduction

(03:05) The State of DeFi Derivatives

(05:58) Who Wants These Products?

(07:43) The Major Challenges of On-Chain Derivatives

(11:22) Building on Solana vs Other Chains

(16:35) Market Maker Incentives, CLOBs and AMMs

(22:55) Perps, Power Perps and Options

(28:27) The Fixed-Rate, Uncollateralized Lending Unlock

(36:21) High-Frequency Trading in TradFi and DeFi

(42:31) How Big is the Market Opportunity?

(46:52) Finding Product Market Fit

(51:51) Post Interview Thoughts

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