How AVSs Enable Scalable, Secure and Customizable Execution | S8 E4 | Ludwig & Muto

In this episode, Ludwig from Sorella Labs and Muto from Ethos, two AVS builders, join to discuss the potential of restaked ETH and attributable security to revolutionize DeFi. They dive into how AVSs offer a scalable alternative to rollups by leveraging restaking to enable customizable off-chain execution while preserving the benefits of shared L1 liquidity. The discussion covers topics like preconfirmations, MEV, quorum design, costs of security, and Eigen Layer's role in enabling this new design space. Ludwig and Muto provide insights into how AVSs will unlock powerful new applications and impact the future of crypto. Thanks for tuning in!


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Sei Labs believes the EVM is here to stay.

By providing the fastest time to finality of any chain, thousands of transactions per second and full backwards compatibility with the EVM, Ethereum developers can try out a brand new design space for their applications.

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Kinto is the Safety-first L2 designed to accelerate the transition to an on-chain financial system.

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(0:00) Introduction

(2:52) AVS Demand Side

(15:14) Unlocking a New Design Space with Restaking

(23:34) Sei Ad

(24:34) Kinto Ad

(25:28) Ethereum Alignment

(31:24) AVS Branding

(37:57) Quorum Design

(45:58) Using an AVS vs a Rollup

(52:10) AVS Costs

(1:03:33) How AVS' Will Impact Applications

(1:13:25) Interview Reflection

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