Designing Sustainable Game Economies and Scaling Blockchain Games | Roundup ft. Robbie Ferguson

In this episode of Bell Curve, Robbie Ferguson of Immutable joins to discuss the state of blockchain gaming. They cover the core thesis behind web3 games - giving gamers real ownership of in-game assets to capture the $150B yearly market. Robbie explains Immutable's focus on providing the best platform for developers through solutions like ZK rollups, aggregated liquidity via the Global Order Book, frictionless wallets, and more. The group discusses strategies to create sustainable game economies, go-to-market approaches, and why a breakout blockchain game is inevitable. Stay tuned for all of this and much more!

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Wormhole is a decentralized interoperability platform powering multi-chain applications and bridges. It provides developers with access to liquidity and users on over 30 leading blockchain networks, enabling use cases in DeFi, data queries, and governance. The platform is trusted by teams like Uniswap and Circle and, to date, the platform has facilitated the transfer of over 35 billion dollars through over 850 million cross-chain messages.

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Restaking is the biggest shift in Ethereum's staking landscape yet, and Swell is leading the charge with Liquid restaking token, rswETH.

Restake your ETH with Swell to earn Pearls, EigenLayer points, and future restaking rewards — while still being able to participate in DeFi.

Restake now: app.swellnetwork.io

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Flood is the optimal DEX aggregator, giving users and developers the mathematically proven best price.

Flood is built from the ground up for speed and efficiency, MEV free and redistributes all trading surplus to users, meaning you can earn money while doing your regular swapping.

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(0:00) Introduction

(3:31) The Crypto & Gaming Thesis

(11:10) Successful Web3 Native Games

(26:51) Wormhole Ad

(27:26) Swell Ad

(28:39) Flood Ad

(29:38) User Frictions: Wallets & Gas Fees

(33:45) How does Immutable X Work?

(40:46) Measuring Per Paying Users

(44:45) Web3 Model Adoption Timeline

(52:14) Ecosystem Go-to-Market vs Immutable

(59:18) Next CT Main Character

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