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ATOM 2.0, Reversible Transactions & Polygon's BD Game | Blockworks Research

In this episode of Bell Curve's Weekly Roundup, the Blockworks Research team takes over the pod! We start with a debate on the implications of ATOM 2.0 and USDC launching on Cosmos. Is ATOM no longer a meme coin? Does everything revolve around MEV? What opportunities does native USDC unlock for the Cosmos ecosystem?

We then discuss the feasibility of reversible on-chain transactions, the next NFT catalyst and how Polygon is a relentless business development machine. Tune in for all of this and more! And don't worry - Jason, Mike, Vance and Michael will be back next week. 

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(00:00 Introduction

(01:15) ATOM 2.0 & USDC Cosmos Announcement

(20:09) GMX MEV Opportunity Explained

(23:33) Politicians Continue to Fight Crypto

(26:37) Centre & USDC Dominance

(29:45) Reversible Transactions

(38:41) The Next NFT Catalyst

(42:22) Polygon’s Business Development 

(47:39) Blockworks Research

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Referenced in the show:

Youssef Amrani's tweet on ATOM 2.0


Polka tweet on GMX MEV Opportunity


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