Solana vs Ethereum: Two Paths, One Endgame | Jon Charbonneau

This week on Bell Curve you're going to be hearing an episode of Lightspeed interviewing Jon Charbonneau on how integrated and modular chains are on an inevitable path toward the same endgame. Jon is an investor and the most prolific researcher in the space who understands the nuances and tradeoffs of the Solana and Ethereum ecosystems. In this episode, we cover what SVM adoption means for Solana, if rollups scale Ethereum, why Jon is spending more time in Solana and the SVM, the convergence of the integrated and modular roadmap, how rollups will leverage Solana and more!

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(00:00) Introduction

(01:13) The Rollup Debate

(10:31) Modular vs Integrated: The Great Convergence

(18:06) The Appchain Thesis

(26:31) What SVM Adoption Means for Solana

(29:54) DAS London Promo

(32:53) Why Solana?

(34:02) What Ethereum & Solana Can Learn From Each Other

(37:49) The Value of End-User Verification

(40:45) Lido’s Dominance, Nakamoto Coefficients & Social Pressure

(46:14) Ethereum Aligned

(50:07) What Keeps You Here & The State of Crypto

(55:35) Solana as a Settlement and Sequencing Layer

(58:47) Why You Should Write

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Do Rollups Inherit Security by Jon


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