Exploring EigenLayer and The Future of Ethereum Security | S8 E2 | Sreeram Kannan

In this episode we are joined by Sreeram Kannan, founder of EigenLayer, to discuss the current state and future potential of restaking. The conversation covers Eigenlayer's rapidly growing ecosystem of actively validated services (AVS), the different types of security guarantees made possible by restaking, and how restaking can benefit both external protocols and Ethereum itself. Sreeram shares his vision for how Eigenlayer fits into the broader Ethereum scaling roadmap and addresses some key open questions around restaking's impact on the Ethereum validator set and issuance. Thanks for tuning in!


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(0:00) Introduction

(3:10) State of LRTs

(9:41) Supporting Native Staking

(21:18) Kinto Ad

(22:12) AVS GTM & Branding Strategy

(37:43) Types of Security

(1:02:05) AVS Tokens

(1:11:59) Restaking & Accelerating ETH Growth

(1:23:07) Pre-Confirmations Market Overview

(1:34:41) Eigen Layer Endgame

(1:39:25) Ethereum Issuance Debate

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