How to Grow DAOs Organically | Mika Honkasalo, Shreyas Hariharan

Season 2 | Episode 3

In this episode of Bell Curve, Mika Honkasalo and Shreyas Hariharan join us to discuss how to grow a DAO. We explore Coase's Theory of the Firm, the tradeoffs between immutability and efficiency, scalable governance frameworks and value creation vs capture. My favorite segment is "Is Your Protocol Easily Forkable?" - you won't want to miss it!

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(00:00) Intro: Pre-Interview

(00:33) Coase's Theory of the Firm

(07:29) Unique Properties of a DAO

(15:01) Optimizing for Immutability vs Efficiency

(24:16) MakerDAO vs Uniswap Governance Structure

(28:08) "Reserve Ad"

(30:22) MakerDAO vs Uniswap Governance Structure

(36:21) Do DAOs Increase Transaction Costs?

(39:02) Value Creation vs Value Capture

(50:26) Is Your Protocol Easily Forkable?

(54:05) DAO Decision Making

(59:16) The Future of DAO Work

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Coase in the 21st Century (Shreyas)


Working In Public


On Forking DeFi Protocols (Multicoin)


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It's a self-service, permissionless factory where anyone can build, deploy and govern their own asset-backed stablecoins (RTokens), which can be integrated within DeFi and real-world commerce.

The Reserve App is a user-friendly way for ordinary people to buy RSV stablecoin with their local currencies and use them locally. More info at https://reserve.org/

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