A Deep Dive into Batch Auctions | Season 6 Episode 5

Season 6 | Episode 5

In this episode of Bell Curve we dive into the world of batch auctions with special guests Anna, co-founder of CowSwap, and Ludwig, Founder of Sorella Labs. The team digs into how Cowswap's innovative batch auctions function and how Sorella Labs' Angstrom project tackles LVR for sustainable liquidity. They unpack how app layer innovation and MEV-conscious design can mitigate value extraction. To close out they discusses whether price discovery will ever move from centralized to decentralized exchanges and what prerequisites are necessary for that to happen. Enjoy!

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(0:00) Interview Start: Anna & Ludwig

(4:47) What are Frequent Batch Auctions?

(10:50) MEV by Passive LPs

(15:42) Mechanism Design Avoiding MEV

(21:20) DAS London Ad

(22:29) Who are Solvers & their role in CoWSwap

(29:40) How Angstrom Solves DEX MEV

(33:06) CoW Hooks

(38:18) Maverick Ad

(39:33) Will Passive Liquidity Stay?

(46:38) Why is Angstrom a Uniswap Hook?

(52:07) Will Price Discovery Come Onchain?

(58:47) Outro

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