OpenSea’s BLURred Vision, Tech’s New Paradigm & MEV Talk | Roundup

This episode of Bell Curve explores Blur's airdrop and attack on OpenSea's market share. We discuss Blur's business strategy, BLUR token incentives, OpenSea's precarious position and more!

We also cover the recent market rally, the SEC's qualified custodian proposal, tech's transition from growth to value and Flashbots' new MEV-Share product. Check out the Timestamps below for a full breakdown!

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(00:00) Introduction

(02:34) Why are markets ripping?

(05:10) The SEC’s qualified custodian proposal

(12:16) Tech’s transition from growth to value

(23:08) Blur, OpenSea’s fall, royalties & ETH burn

(33:27) Scaling tech and new applications

(37:34) Flashbots MEV-Share, PFOF and best execution

(52:09) Max Pain

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Flasbots MEV-Share article


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