Recapitalizing the Degens and Identifying Cycle Catalysts | Roundup

In today's roundup Michael and Vance join forces to determine if we are finally back. They dive into potential catalysts for the recent price action across the crypto sector, including the end of the rate hiking cycle, the need for recapitalization of degens, and the emerging institutional interest. The two analyze the LayerZero proposal controversy, dubious Hamas fundraising claims, and Arbitrum Orbit's use of Celestia for Data Availability. To close out they speak on the rise of professional guilds and service providers for blockchains, reflecting on the recent proposal for an Arbitrum Coalition.

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(0:00) Introduction

(2:53) Are We Back?

(8:25) Catalyst for Price Action

(16:18) Identifiers for Cycle Change

(28:29) DAS London Ad

(29:39) LayerZero & Lido DAO Kerfuffle

(34:50) WSJ Claims Crypto Funding Terrorism

(41:09) Arbitrum Orbit Uses Celestia for DA

(51:12) Arbitrum Coalition

(56:11) Framework Ventures Updates

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Layer0 Proposal


Arbitrum Coalition Proposal


Arbitrum Orbit Uses Celestia



Optimism vs Arbitrum (Theme Park Explanation)


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