Interoperability's Product-Market Fit | Deep Dive

In today's episode, Michael chats with Nikhil Suri from the Wormhole Foundation about the future of multichain and interoperability in crypto. They discuss the challenges of creating a seamless user experience across different chains, the role of general message passing protocols like Wormhole, and the potential impact of zero-knowledge proofs on scaling and security. Nikhil also shares his thoughts on the social challenges of interoperability standards adoption and the current product-market fit for cross-chain applications, particularly in the realm of token transfers and multichain governance.


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(0:00) Introduction

(2:49) The Future of Multichain

(8:15) Opionated vs Flexibility

(13:34) ZKPs & Interop

(23:06) Sei Ad

(24:06) Kinto Ad

(24:59) Supra Ad

(25:55) Impact of Social Challenges

(30:56) PMF of Interop

(32:37) Multichain Governance

(38:17) What is the Good Crypto Outcome?

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