The Chain Abstraction Thesis | Season 7 Episode 3 | Sam & Illia

Season 7 | Episode 3

In today's episode Mike and Hart are joined by Sam Hart of Skip Protocol and Illia Polosukhin to dive into the world of chain abstraction. They discuss the consensus around the need for intent-based interoperability solutions, the incentives (or lack thereof) for ecosystems to be interoperable, and predictions around rollup consolidation and abstraction. Other topics covered include how user funds could be escrowed and verified in cross-chain architectures, the role of zero-knowledge proofs as a critical connecting infrastructure, and the tradeoffs between shared security and chain sovereignty. Stay tuned for all of this and much more!


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(0:00) Interview Start: What is Chain Abstraction?

(5:15) Cosmos Cross Chain Vision

(18:07) NEAR Account Aggregation Vision

(31:21) DAS London Ad

(32:25) Unbridging Crypto Ecosystems

(41:48) Exporting ETH as Money

(59:39) Where will users lock in?

(1:05:34) Endgame UX & Infrastructure

(1:14:26) Outro

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