Competing Security Models for Appchains | Nick White, Dev Ojha

Season 3 | Episode 3

In this episode of Bell Curve, Nick White and Dev Ojha join us to debate the pros and cons of applications owning the full tech stack vs leveraging a modular architecture. Applications that own their full tech stack can fully customize their chain (how they process MEV, encryption, etc) but is the overhead and cost worth it? In contrast, the modular ideology supports outsourcing all non-core functions to other providers (similar to how websites outsource payments to Stripe). We cover this debate, Celestia, the role of sequencers, security tradeoffs, the idea of the "minimum viable stack" and more!

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(00:00) Intro: Pre-Interview

(02:25) Guest Backgrounds

(04:13) Application Design Philosophies

(10:01) Sequencers: Their Role and Security Tradeoffs

(27:00) Tradeoffs: Focus vs Control

(33:38) Mesh Security, ICS and Restaking

(45:51) SDK Network Effects & the "Minimum Viable Stack"

(55:13) Building Credibly Neutral Software

(1:00:41) How Applications Should Approach MEV

(1:04:02) The Path Ahead

(1:06:19) Recap: Post-Interview

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