Crosschain DEXs: The Next Frontier | Season 6 Episode 6

Today we are diving deep into the world of interoperability and intents. Hart Lambur, co-founder at Risk Labs and UMA, joins us to analyze the trade-offs between different bridge architectures like atomic swaps, canonical bridges, and optimistic bridges. They discuss how intent-based protocols like Uniswap X and Across Protocol are reimagining bridges by introducing third parties to enable faster, cheaper transfers. To close out the team explores UX challenges in bridging assets across chains and whether retail traders can realistically serve as cross-chain market makers. For all this and more stay tuned!

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(0:00) Introduction

(3:03) State of Interoperability

(7:25) Interop Messaging

(26:08) Maverick Ad

(27:23) UniswapX Multichain Design

(32:58) Intent Based Design & Trade Offs

(42:16) DAS London Ad

(43:25) Searcher Market Structure

(53:24) Timeframe of Abstracting Crosschain UX

(57:11) Intent & Crosschain Payments

(1:02:05) End Game Crosschain Vision

(1:08:34) Outro

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Across Protocol



UniswapX White Paper


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