Is Crypto Bipartisan Now? | Roundup

In this episode, the guys debate whether Democrats can reverse course before the upcoming election. They also discuss the rise and fall of meme coins, despite Iggy Azalea's recent token launch. The conversation then shifts to the challenges facing Bitcoin's L2 development, OpenAI's legal battles over celebrity rights and employee NDAs, and Nvidia's AI-fueled stock surge. Finally, they highlight Jito's launch of Stakenet on Solana and compare the diverging paths of Ethereum and Bitcoin L2s. Enjoy!

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(0:00) Consensus Vibes

(6:10) Are the Democrats Late?

(19:25) Sei Ad

(20:24) Flood Ad

(21:23) Celebrity Memecoins

(24:46) Future of Memecoins

(32:55) Aave, ENS, and Maker Chains

(43:51) ZK Tech Evolution

(45:56) Trademarking ZK

(49:01) Uniswap Business Source License

(50:17) AI Industry Endgame

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