Visa Builds On Starkware, Yuga Labs Strategy, GBTC Disaster | Roundup

This episode of Bell Curve explores one of the most bullish signs during this bear: Visa is building on Starkware. Visa is the largest payment network in the world, and they just announced they are now building an automatic payments tool on Starkware's ZK-rollup technology. Tune in to find out why this is huge for the industry! We also cover Grayscale's GBTC disaster, how Yuga Labs is going all in on the metaverse and the concept of experiential loyalty. This is a fun one!

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(00:00) Introduction

(02:03) Not $10B, $20B! Gary and Caroline Flip on SBF

(07:41) Visa Proposes Automatic Payments Using Starknet

(19:30) "Avalanche Ad"

(20:44) Grayscale GBTC Tender Offer & Liquidity Reflexivity

(30:43) Yuga Labs Hires Activision Blizzard President as CEO

(40:18) Experiential Loyalty

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Vitalik on Account Abstraction


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