Friend.Tech or Foe: Are Progressive Web Apps the Future? | Round Up

In this week’s episode, Mike, Jason, and Vance kick things off with a thorough breakdown of ‘Friend.Tech’. The guys then go on to talk Base and the future of L2’s, ETH’s ultimate value accrual, and touch on the discussion around Tendermint for StarkNet. We then review the DOJ/Tornado Cash charge and arrest. To close, we discuss the GOP debate, NVIDIA Q2 Earnings, EigenLayer’s new LST cap increase, and more!

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(00:00) Introduction

(01:57) Friend.Tech

(12:19) Aerodrome Base DEX

(19:48) Base & Future L2 Business Models

(25:01) Where is ETHs Value Accrual?

(28:47) Tendermint for StarkNet

(34:14) DOJ Tornado Cash Charge Update

(41:24) Pop Culture Round Up

(43:33) 2024 GOP Debate Review

(48:48) NVIDIA Q2 Earnings

(55:39) EigenLayer’s New LST Cap Increase

(58:36) USDC: Circle Update

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DOJ/Tornado Cash




EigenLayer LST Cap increase


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