ep. 4


Merge Chaos, Coinbase’s Proposal & On-Chain IP | Roundup

In this episode of Bell Curve, we discuss the upcoming merge and why ETH PoW may be a letdown for you degens. We also debate real vs nominal yields in crypto, the merits of the Coinbase MakerDAO deal, BUSD and the exchange race, on-chain IP and more.

As usual, this episode is packed full of alpha and spicy takes.

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(00:00) Introduction

(00:40) ETH Merge Chaos

(13:02) Real Yield & Structural Flows

(26:00) Coinbase/MakerDAO Proposal

(38:02) DAI, USDC and Crypto’s Regulatory Future

(53:15) BUSD Announcement & the Big 3 Exchanges

(1:07:50) Sorare, SudoSwap and On-Chain IP

(1:15:10) Meme of the Week

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