Ethereum Enshrinement 101 | Round Up

This week Michael and Myles dive deep on all things Ethereum Enshrinement. The two kick things off with Credible Neutrality, reviewing centralization risks vs overloads governance. The guys then go on to discuss user experience as the guiding uniting principle and look at the gradation of protocol proximity; what should and should not be enshrined and why. We then challenge and defend the varying beliefs around Ethereum as ‘money’, before going on to hit on protocol engagement vs abstraction, issuance as a network cost, the Stride/Cosmos Hub merger update, and more. Enjoy!

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(00:00) Introduction

(01:00) Enshrinement: Opening Thoughts

(02:5) Credible Neutrality: Private Market Analogy 

(07:25) Enshrinement’s Uniting Principle: Good User Experience

(08:17) Protocol Proximity

(21:33) Ethereum: Money?

(28:24) Engagement vs Abstraction

(40:51) Issuance: Network Cost?

(45:14) Money vs Commodity 

(58:04) Stride/Cosmos Hub Merger Update

(1:16:17) Community Alignment 

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Vitalik Buterin: Should Ethereum be okay with enshrining more things in the protocol?


Stride: The Enshrined LST Protocol for Cosmos Hub?


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