MEV in a Modular World | Jon Charbonneau, Robert Miller

Season 4 | Episode 4

In this episode of Bell Curve, we are joined by Jon Charbonneau and Robert Miller to discuss how Ethereum's modular roadmap impacts the future of MEV. We explore L2 MEV design, decentralized sequencer models, cross-domain MEV, latency games, and Suave. Jon and Robert are two giga brains that understand the bleeding edge of modular MEV design!

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(00:55) Intro: Pre-Interview

(02:39) How Ethereum’s Modular Roadmap Impacts MEV

(08:18) The Rollup Revolution: Consensus and Latency Games

(18:35) How Sequencers Work Today

(23:43) L2 MEV Models: Optimism and Arbitrum

(29:42) Why L2s Need PBS

(32:21) Decentralized Sequencer Designs

(44:45) Cross-Domain MEV and Atomicity

(53:46) Suave: The Mechanics, Order Flow Auctions & Roadmap

(57:07) "Rook Ad"

(59:09) Suave: The Mechanics, Order Flow Auctions & Roadmap

(1:27:50) Recap: Post-Interview

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Rollups Aren't Real by Jon


Hasu's Mevconomics talk


MEV Share


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