Inside the Economics of MEV | Matt Cutler

Season 4 | Episode 3

In this episode of Bell Curve, we are joined by Matt Cutler from Blocknative to discuss the economics of MEV. We dive deep into MEV value capture, incentive structures and the relayer monetization debate (p.s. there's a great debate between Matt and Hasu). We also cover order flow auctions, latency wars, account abstraction, user preferences and more!

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(00:00) Intro: Pre-Interview

(02:20) Interview Start

(02:58) The MEV Supply Chain

(06:01) Relays: Their Role and Monetization Debate

(34:51) "Rook Ad"

(36:44) Learnings From a $25M MEV Exploit

(46:36) Wallets, User Preferences and Order Flow Auctions

(1:00:59) Account Abstraction and Exclusive Order Flow

(1:20:06) Recap: Post-Interview

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$25M MEV Exploit





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