The ZK-Proof Endgame for Full Interoperability | S7 E5 | Uma Roy

Season 7 | Episode 5

In today's episode Mike and Hart are joined by Uma Roy to dive deep into the world of zero-knowledge proofs and their transformative potential for blockchain interoperability. The conversation explores the fundamentals of ZKPs, the current ZKP landscape, and the economics of generating and verifying proofs. Uma shares insights on how ZKPs can enhance capital efficiency, security, and scalability across various blockchain architectures, including rollups and crosschain communication. Stay tuned for all of this and much more!


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(0:00) Interview Start: Uma, Succinct

(3:52) What are ZK-Proofs?

(9:40) The ZKP Design Space

(16:33) Sei Ad

(17:32) Economics of ZK Proofs

(29:12) Sync Committee Functionality

(38:58) Uniswap Ad

(39:52) ZK Proofs and Interop

(1:03:40) ZK Usecases Outside of Blockchain

(1:06:54) Outro

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