Alluvial: The Enterprise-Grade Liquid Staking Standard | Mara Schmiedt

In this week's interview Dan and Sam are joined by Alluvial co-founder and CEO, Mara Schmiedt. They explore Alluvial's role in Liquid Collective's innovative offerings in the staking market. They dive into the trends of staking in crypto markets and the overall growth of liquid staking. Mara provides insights on the introduction of service level agreements (SLAs) in liquid staking, contributing to superior staking performance. We touch upon the and much more in the world of decentralized finance. Additionally, we delve into the target customer segment, significance of KYC in the minting process, and the future of liquid staking. For all this and more stay tuned!

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01:03 Introduction

01:19 The Liquid Staking Collective

12:07 Service Level Agreements

20:01 Ensuring Performance of Selected Set

28:30 KYC Methodology & Integrators

33:01 Target User

43:31 Fee Structure

51:23 Expansion and Balancing Competitors

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Liquid Staking collective


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