Inside the Evolution of Liquid Staking & Modular Money | Jon Charbonneau & Aidan Salzmann

Today's episode explores the intersection of liquid staking and the modular money ecosystem. Mike is joined by Stride Labs co-founder Aiden Salzman and John Charbonneau general partner of DBA. The trio dives deep into the architecture of the Stride protocol, including stTIA and the liquid staking module (LSM). The discussion touches on incentive alignment between protocols, demand drivers for liquid staking adoption, using liquid staking tokens as modular money across rollups, managing validator sets, and more. We hope you enjoy!


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(0:00) Introduction

(2:59) Architecture of Stride Protocol

(18:58) Liquid Staking Module Overview

(31:08) Reason for 25% Cap

(39:36) Learning from Ethereum Liquid Staking

(47:37) Managing Chain Specific Requirements

(1:01:40) DAS London Ad

(1:02:45) Monopoly Like Market Structure

(1:09:56) Demand Drivers for Liquid Staking

(1:18:49) Modular Money & LSTs

(1:32:41) Rollup Market Dynamics

(1:46:23) Restaking Usecases

(1:52:16) Why Celestia LSTs are Different

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