Optimism’s Superchain vs Cosmos

Season 3 | Episode 6

In this episode of Bell Curve, Myles and Mike dive deep into today’s most innovative blockspace scaling techniques. They begin by discussing Optimism's recent "Superchain" rebrand and the similarities between the OP Stack and Cosmos SDK.

We also discuss Coinbase's new L2, exploring its potential impact on general-purpose L2s and user demand. This leads to our ongoing thesis that the roadmaps for Cosmos and Ethereum are merging, an intriguing development that we unpack in detail.

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(00:00) Introduction

(00:48) The Superchain 

(17:07) Cross-Chain Messaging and Shared Sequencers

(20:37) The Role of General-Purpose Chains

(24:24) The Cosmos SDK vs OP Stack

(32:12) Communication Hubs and Value Accrual

(39:05) SDK Network Effects

(46:04) What’s Left to Build

(51:19) How Ethereum has Influenced Cosmos

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The Inevitability of UNIchain


Optimism's Superchain


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