Token Value Capture: Moats, Growth and Protocol Fees | Chris Burniske, Fernando Martinelli

Season 2 | Episode 6

In this episode of Bell Curve, Chris Burniske and Fernando Martinelli join us to discuss how to build sustainable, value-accruing protocols. We start with this simple question and dive deep into the mechanics behind token value accrual. The group discusses DAO capital allocation, evolving fee markets, the efficacy of airdrops, rewarding labor vs capital, the problem with a fixed token supply and more!

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(00:00) Intro: Pre-Interview

(02:28) Balancer: Self-Sustaining Infrastructure

(11:55) Hyperscaling

(18:24) How Will Fee Markets Evolve?

(31:58) Capital Allocation Decisions

(40:48) "Reserve Ad"

(43:12) Airdrops, Identity Solutions and Rewarding Labor

(59:46) Pushback Against VCs & Insider Allocations

(1:06:27) Moving Away From A Fixed Token Supply

(1:12:13) Returning Capital To Token/Shareholders

(1:16:51) Building Moats In Crypto

(1:24:41) Recap: Post-Interview

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Chris's tweet on VC preferential access


The Original Sin


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It's a self-service, permissionless factory where anyone can build, deploy and govern their own asset-backed stablecoins (RTokens), which can be integrated within DeFi and real-world commerce.

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