Curve’s $70M Hack, Base Launch Exceeds $230M+ 24hr Trading Volume, Meme Coin BALD Hits $100M Market Cap in 48hrs, And More | Roundup

In today’s episode, Mike and Myles dive deep on Curve’s $70M exploit, deconstructing DEX design frameworks, and reviewing the wider ecosystem consequences of vulnerable chain infrastructure. We then move on to assess Coinbase's L2 'Base' launch and touch on meme coin of the week, BALD, hitting $100M+ market capitalization in under 48 hours! The guys also think through network effect accrual before discussing Barnabé Monnot’s PEPC, an enshrined protocol gadget, and close out on Coinbase’s optimistic Q2 Earnings!

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(00:00) Introduction

(00:26) "Permissionless Ad"

(01:22) Introduction

(02:44) $70M Curve Exploit 

(07:43) DEX Architecture 

(20:41) Wider Ecosystem Consequences & Chain Design Learnings

(23:46) Base Launch Review 

(25:49) Network Effect Accrual: Network Execution, Data Availability or Settlement Layer?

(54:22) PEPC: Protocol-Enforced Proposer Commitments

(1:13:42) Coinbase Q2 Earnings 

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