Will the Fed Cut Rates in 2024? | Roundup

In this episode, we discuss FOMC, previous rate cutting cycles over the years, and if the FED will cut rates prior to the presidential election. We also breakdown the differing approaches blockchains take when dealing with MEV, and the ways networks and applications can monetize. Finally, we dive into how Trump’s stance towards crypto has affected regulatory policy.

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(0:00) Introduction

(2:34) Discussing FOMC and Economic Data

(14:08) The Discrepancy Between Economic Data and Public Perception

(16:10) Nomada Ad

(17:09) Rate Cutting Cycles

(22:20) Will the Fed Make Changes Before the Election?

(24:43) Solana's Approach to Dealing With MEV

(32:22) How Decentralized Networks Monetize

(43:18) Ethereum's Scaling Roadmap

(48:32) Trump's Effect on Crypto Policy


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