Debating the Multichain End State: Service Providers vs Immutable Protocols | S7 E4 | Bryan Pellegrino

Season 7 | Episode 4

In today's episode Mike and Hart are joined by Bryan Pellegrino, co-founder of LayerZero, to debate the the end state of the multi-chain future. They debate technical specifics like message passing protocols, bridging frameworks, censorship resistance, and security tradeoffs, as well as philosophies around infrastructure layers versus service providers, decentralization compromises, and application interoperability needs. The conversation explores modular versus monolithic architectures, native versus wrapped assets, batching transactions, the role of intermediaries, and more while aiming to find common ground on how blockchains and applications might interact at scale. Thanks for tuning in!


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(0:00) Introduction

(3:32) Layer0 End Game

(15:40) Connecting a Multichain World

(34:39) Sei Ad

(35:39) Balancing Onchain Components

(43:37) Uniswap Ad

(44:30) Preserving Censorship Resistance

(55:35) Trust Zones

(1:09:09) Messaging vs Transport Layer

(1:20:49) The Ideal End State

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