Solana's MEV Inflection Point: Users vs Protocol | Deep Dive | Eugene & Lucas

In today's episode, Mike is joined by Eugene from Ellipsis Labs and Lucas from Jito to discuss the current state and future of MEV on Solana. The trio dives into the philosophical divergence between Solana and Ethereum's approaches to mitigating MEV, with Solana prioritizing user experience and low fees while Ethereum focuses on incentive compatibility and decentralization. They explore the challenges Solana faces with record volumes, network congestion, and the ongoing debate surrounding transaction fees and block space. The discussion also touches on the potential for Solana L2s, the fight against spam, and the network's meme coin mania, ultimately concluding with insights on the delicate balance Solana must strike between performance, decentralization, and user experience.


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(0:00) MEV on Solana

(16:25) Ethereum vs Solana Approaches

(27:34) Sei Ad

(28:34) Uniswap Ad

(29:37) Solana Spam Solution

(36:18) Necessary Trade-Offs

(44:43) Solana UX Degredation

(50:53) Solana Fee Overhaul

(1:03:32) Solana L2s

(1:11:03) Dynamic Block Limits

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