The SBF/FTX Trial Begins, The Future of Ethereum, Another XRP Win & More | Round Up

With the opening of the Sam Bankman-Fried trial this week, the fellas kick things off with their thoughts on Michael Lewis’ controversial new book‘Going Infinite’, which explores the story of FTX’s collapse. The guys then take stock of Vitalik’s latest proposal around Enshrinement, and whether the logic should be natively implemented in the core code of L1s. We then discuss Stride’s potential plans to become the enshrined LST protocol for Cosmos Hub. We then review the state of ETH Futures, XRP’s latest win vs the SEC, before closing out with our outlook on macro, as long-term US Yields Hit a 16-year high. Enjoy!

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(00:00) Introduction

(00:54) Michael Lewis’ ‘Going Infinite’ review: an SBF/FTX plant? 

(09:24) "Maverick Ad"

(10:38) Michael Lewis’ ‘Going Infinite’ review: an SBF/FTX plant? 

(24:38) Enshrinement

(40:24) Stride: The Enshrined LST Protocol for Cosmos Hub?

(44:20) ETH Futures

(49:38) XRP Win: SEC Appeal Denied

(55:18) Macro Outlook: Bond Sell-off, Long-term US Yields Hit 16-year High

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Vitalik Buterin: Should Ethereum be okay with enshrining more things in the protocol?


Stride: The Enshrined LST Protocol for Cosmos Hub?


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