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The Rise of AppChains | Season 3 Pilot

Season 3 | Pilot

Layer One protocols have dominated the value capture narrative since Ethereum's inception, but a new narrative is forming: the AppChain Thesis. This thesis predicts crypto's top applications will not rent land and conform to the limitations of other platforms (e.g. Ethereum) but will launch their own independent chain. An AppChain.

How should applications approach this decision? Where will value accrue? What are the pros and cons? Will applications prove stickier than protocols? These are just a few questions we'll explore in Bell Curve Season 3. Get ready!

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(00:00) Introduction

(00:35) Meet Myles, Our New Co-Host

(03:35) Why the AppChain Thesis?

(07:12) Season 3 Overview

(14:45) The Fat App Thesis

(18:38) AppChain Tradeoffs

(23:36) Where Cosmos and Ethereum Collide

(26:30) The Market Opportunity

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Fat Protocols by Joel Monegro


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