The Staking Router + DVT: A Seismic Change for LSTs | Izzy (Lido) & Oisín (Obol)

Season 5 | Episode 3

In this episode of Bell Curve, we are joined by a duo of special guests: Izzy, Lido Head of Validators, and Oisín, Co-founder of Obol Labs. Today's show dives into the current state of solo staking, distributed validator technology, the impacts of a staking router, and the future of Lido protocol.

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(00:00) Intro: Pre-Interview

(01:27) Interview Start: Izzy & Oisín

(02:22) The State of Solo Staking

(07:37) The Importance of Decentralization

(11:33) What is DVT?

(20:02) Reducing Hardware & Capital Requirements

(34:34) "Permissionless Ad"

(35:29) Impacts of a Staking Router

(46:08) The Diversity of Modules

(59:12) Lido Fee Markets & Governance Responsibility

(1:07:41) How Permissionless Can Validators Get?

(1:11:16) The Intersection of Liquid Staking & Restaking

(1:26:04) Recap: Post-Interview

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