ep. 6


The Fixed Rate Lending Unlock | Simon Jones, Allan Niemerg

In this episode of Bell Curve, Jason and Mike are joined by Simon Jones (Voltz Labs) and Allan Niemerg (Yield Protocol) to explore the new use cases that fixed-rate lending and interest rate swaps bring to DeFi.

We also discuss how crypto is structurally variable, why financial markets need interest rate swaps, DeFi's base rate, DAO-to-DAO undercollateralized lending and much more!

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(00:00) Intro

(02:49) DeFi is structurally variable

(10:54) The ETH base rate & a DeFi native yield curve

(14:52) Interest rate swaps: 3 primary use cases

(19:17) DeFi use cases & undercollateralized lending

(30:24) Why are fixed rate markets in DeFi so small?

(42:36) A crypto-based sovereign debt market

(46:52) Will yield come from IRL assets or crypto-native sources?

(51:45) Fixed rates may catalyze the next bull cycle

(59:47) Post interview: takeaways

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Yield Protocol


Voltz Protocol


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