MakerDAO Rally Reaction | Round Up

In today’s episode, the team kicks things off with discussing Celestia and the impact it may have on architecture across ecosystems. The team then goes on to discuss potential catalysts for future cycles including EigenLayer’s future yield role, and the transition of ETH Staking to Liquid Staking. MakerDAOs ongoing interest is broken down before closing out on the ongoing debate around IPO vs. Direct Listing. Enjoy!

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(00:00) Introduction

(01:23) Eclipse: Roll-up-as-a-Service

(09:31) Celestia: ETH Price Action Impacts

(19:49) Forward-Looking Bull Market Activity 

(27:38) EigenLayer’s Yield Role 

(33:45) Validator Market in Low Price Environment 

(36:31) ETH Staking To Liquid Staking

(42:48) MakerDAO Update

(55:54) IPO vs Direct Listing

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MakerDAO Interest


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