The Value of Modular Blockchains | Nick White (Celestia), Neel Somani (Eclipse)

Nick White (COO of Celestia) and Neel Somani (founder of Eclipse) join us to debate the tradeoffs of modular vs integrated blockchains. We cover the modular thesis, how Eclipse is bringing the SVM to Ethereum, the hidden costs of modularity, centralized sequencers and L2s, where value will accrue in a modular paradigm and more!

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00:00 Introduction

01:49 What are Modular Blockchains?

05:34 Data Availability Explained

09:15 Light Clients and End User Verification

19:45 Eclipse: the SVM Rollup Provider

20:50 Why do Rollups Need Settlement?

26:26 Jito Mid Roll

27:30 Permissionless Plug

28:30 Should Celestia Enshrine a Settlement Layer?

31:34 L2 Training Wheels

35:53 Kyle Samani’s "The Hidden Costs of Modular Systems"

43:02 Appchains vs Rollups

46:43 How Eclipse is Bringing the SVM to Ethereum

47:58 Are Centralized Sequencers Okay?

53:28 Will Crypto Apps Have a Power Law Outcome?

58:03 Network Effects and Value Accrual

01:08:15 Where Will Enterprises Launch Applications?

01:12:08 Rapid Fire

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