How to Value L1s, SBF Arrested & Tokenomics Debate | Roundup

This episode of Bell Curve explores the art of valuing L1 ecosystems. Should you look a protocols transaction fees vs inflation, # of developers, applications built on top or something else?

We then discuss SBF's arrest, Sushi's fee proposal, the fixed token supply debate, 2023's outlook and more! My favorite segment? The fixed token supply debate - this is about to be a widely contested topic.

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(00:00) Introduction

(03:33) Solana’s Outlook and Valuing L1s

(13:39) SBF Arrested and Alameda’s Degen Gambling

(30:15) Drama at The Block

(31:56) "Avalanche Ad"

(33:09) Drama at The Block

(36:29) Sushi’s Fee Proposal & Fixed Token Supply Debate

(46:43) Dividends and Buybacks

(56:02) 2023 Outlook

(1:03:55) A Gold and Bitcoin Thesis

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Vance's Tweet thread on the broken alt L1 thesis


Sushi's protocol fee proposal


Felix Zulauf


Jurrien Timmer tweet on BTC and Gold


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