AMMs vs DEXs: DeFi's First Debate Revisited | Season 6 Episode 3

Season 6 | Episode 3

Today we dive into the world of central limit order books and automated market makers with DEX builders Eugene Chen, co-founder of Ellipsis Labs, and Doug Colkitt, co-founder of Crocodile Labs. The team explores how factors like gas costs, latency, and modular "hooks" are shaping the evolution of onchain trading and DEX designs. The conversation then explores taking DEX components offchain and if it's antithetical to the point of DeFi. To close things out the team discusses the end game of DEX design.

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(00:00) Introduction

(01:57) Interview Start: Alex & Jason

(02:02) CLOBs vs AMMs

(10:17) "Maverick Ad"

(11:32) CLOBs vs AMMs

(12:35) Efficiency of Onchain CLOBs

(18:51) The Constraints of Latency

(23:02) AMMs & Passive Liquidity

(32:41) Offchain Components

(46:27) DEX Design End Game

(52:10) Market Structure of AMMs vs CLOBs

(56:55) Outro 

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