Eigen's Dual Staking Dilemma: Eth vs Eigen Security | Roundup

In this episode, Mike and Myles dive into Eigen Layer's major announcement, unpacking the details and implications of the Eigen token airdrop, the Eigen Foundation, and the positioning of Eigen as an "intersubjective work token". They discuss the community's mixed reaction to the airdrop details and geo-fencing, the objectives and considerations around airdrops in general, and the innovative tokenomic design of the Eigen token in enabling a dual staking system with ETH to secure Eigen Layer and mitigate risks. Mike and Myles explore how this new staking model could impact the Eigen Layer ecosystem, AVS adoption of the Eigen token, and the overall bullish effect it could have on ETH and the growth of restaking. Enjoy!

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(0:00) Introduction

(3:35) Eigen Layer Announcements

(10:16) Risks of Eigen

(17:35) Objective of Airdrops

(27:46) Wormhole Ad

(29:00) Flood Ad

(29:59) Uniswap Ad

(30:53) Eigen Token Design

(34:42) Intersubjective Work Token

(45:41) Value Accrual

(57:32) Security Decision Making

(1:05:39) Bullish Eth Affect

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