BONUS EP: Stephane Gosselin on MEV, OFAs, and Frontier Research

Season 4 | Bonus Episode

In today's Bell Curve, we are joined by Stephane Gosselin, the founder of Flashbots and Frontier Research. We discuss why we need to reframe MEV, MEV burn, app-specific order flow auctions, user intents and EIP-4337, why centralized sequencers are fine, enshrined PBS and more! Stephane is a legend - you don't want to miss his unique insights. 

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(00:00) Introduction

(01:58) Reframing MEV: From Allocation to Wealth Creation 

(09:36) MEV Burn

(12:37) The Evolution of DEX Architecture and MEV

(22:44) Order Flow Auctions

(27:30) The Case for Centralized Sequencers

(38:56) Share Sequencers and Cross-Domain MEV

(43:37) User Intents and Limitations of EIP-4337

(49:21) Block Building's Race to the Bottom

(54:45) Optimistic Relays and Enshrined PBS

(1:07:05) Frontier Research

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Frontier Research


MEV Utopia vs Dystopia by Stephane


Don’t Overload Ethereum’s Consensus by Vitalik


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