How Builders Learn the Bitcoin Protocol feat. NiftyNei

Lisa Neigut (aka @NiftyNei) is a Lightning Protocol Engineer at Blockstream and co-founder at Base58, the Bitcoin protocol academy. https://twitter.com/niftynei

George Kaloudis is a writer, columnist and host of CoinDesk's Markets Daily. https://twitter.com/gckaloudis

In this conversation, NLW, George and Nifty discuss Base58, Lightning development, Bitcoin education, and much much more.

More links for our guests:

Base58 website: https://base58.school

Upcoming Taproot classs! apply now: https://base58.school/classes/taproot

Base58 Twitter: https://twitter.com/base58btc

Bitcoin++, technical conference: https://btcpp.dev

Bitcoin++ Youtube: https://youtube.com/@btcplusplus

Markets Daily: https://www.coindesk.com/podcasts/markets-daily/

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