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MakerDAO's End Game, Michael Saylor Tax Evasion & Arbitrum Nitro | Roundup

In this episode of Empire's Weekly Roundup, Jason and Santi discuss MakerDAO's end game. Maker is often called the backbone of DeFi and will have to choose if the protocol embraces regulation or maximizes decentralization. We explore Rune's recent proposal, Maker's two options and why we are bullish.

We also discuss Michael Saylor's tax evasion lawsuit, the release of Arbitrum Nitro, the governance timelock debate and a new Aave proposal.


(00:00) Introduction

(02:36) Michael Saylor accused of tax fraud

(08:30) Maker DAO’s End Game & Crypto’s Potential Compromise

(21:06) Core Ad

(22:33) Crypto's Potential Compromise Cont.

(29:01) Compound Bug and the Governance Timelock Debate

(35:58) Arbitrum Nitro Launch

(41:23) Aave ETH Lending Proposal & Merge Craziness

(44:30) DeFi Will Lead the Way In the Next Bull

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Referenced in the show:

Rune's post on "free float" DAI


Jason's tweet announcing he's now a MakerDAO delegate


Sam Martin's tweet on Arbitrum vs Optimism usage



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