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Crypto in 2023: Predictions Episode

In today’s episode of Empire, we bring on Mike and Mark from On The Margin to discuss our 2023 crypto thesis. We debate predictions on the Wallet Wars, ETH vs Bitcoin, the rise of insurance, app-specific vertical integration, the adoption of CBDCs, Coinbase vs DEXs, MEV as a business model and more!

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(00:00) Introduction

(02:14) Crypto’s 2022 Wrapped

(11:52) The Bottom is in for Crypto, not for Equities

(19:35) Kings of Spot & NFT Trading Will Lose Market Share

(22:44) Stablecoins, DeFi’s Resurgence and Permissioned Protocols

(28:02) Regulators are Coming, and the CBDC debate

(33:23) MEV will be the Business Model for DeFi & Exchanges

(42:05) No Industry Takes Off Without Insurance

(48:48) A Market Bottom & the Value of Memes

(52:36) ETH vs Bitcoin (spicy)

(1:03:34) Miner Capitulation, Wallet Wars & Gaming

(1:11:31) Vertical Integration, Privacy and Payments

(1:17:51) The Rise of Professional Guilds

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Disclaimer: Nothing said on Empire is a recommendation to buy or sell securities or tokens. This podcast is for informational purposes only, and any views expressed by anyone on the show are solely our opinions, not financial advice. Santiago, Jason, and our guests may hold positions in the companies, funds, or projects discussed.

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