ep. 86


Optimism's Airdrop Is The Future of Governance | Weekly Roundup

In today's episode of Empire's Roundup, the long-awaited return of Santi and Jason discussing the latest in crypto, DeFi, and more has finally landed. They refresh some predictions around ETH for 2022 and discuss the Optimism airdrop, the BAYC Instagram hack, Osmosis's canonical bridge vote, and announcements from funds and initiatives alike. You won't want to miss this!


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(01:50)・The Permissionless conference

(03:05)・Optimism's airdrop & implications

(20:06)・Predictions for an Ethereum and P2E Summer

(23:56)・BAYC Instagram hack

(29:08)・Is it the NFT top?

(35:55)・Be a crypto user

(38:35)・A proliferation of algo stablecoins

(44:30)・BTC as the global reserve layer of the world

(47:02)・Osmosis votes in Axelar as the canonical bridge

(49:05)・Fidelity's 401K BTC announcement

(50:52)・Dragonfly launches a $650M crypto fund

(52:18)・Current favorite shows and podcasts

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