How Rollups Will Decentralize Their Sequencer | Josh Bowen, Ben Fisch

Today we are joined by Josh Bown (Astria) and Ben Fisch (Espresso Systems) to discuss the role of shared sequencers in the modular future. Josh and Ben explain the risks of centralized sequencers, why rollups will use a shared sequencer and the core tradeoffs. What is the value proposition of a shared sequencer? How will MEV be allocated between rollups and sequencers? Why haven't rollups already decentralized their sequencer? We discuss these questions and more in this epic conversation!

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(00:00) Intro

(04:27) The Role of a Sequencer

(11:24) The Risks of Centralized Sequencers

(20:13) Using the L1 as the Sequencer

(23:12) Why Use a Shared Sequencer?

(34:56) Quicknode

(36:43) Kwenta

(37:40) The Tradeoffs

(40:35) Who will be the Sequencers?

(45:23) The AWS Analogy

(50:27) Economic Capture and Allocation Challenges

(58:28) How Block Times Impact Shared Sequencing

(01:01:12) Competition

(01:05:04) Restaking Risk and Timelines

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